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Children's Ministries

Children's Ministries

Our Children Growing In Christ

At Word of Truth Christian Church, we place a high value on our children.   We believe that church programs for kids are an important time to continue the Biblical teachings that they are receiving in their homes.   From our Kids For Christ and Good News Kids to our Mid-week Clubs, we want kids to  grow closer to and build a relationship with Jesus Christ.   It is our hope to be able to meet your family's needs with our many different programs for kids.

Babies & Toddlers

We know how important your babies and toddlers are to you.  That's why we provide a safe, secure, clean nursery for your child during each of our services.

When you bring your child, please make sure to have their diaper bag, formula, diapers and a change of clothes.  We do have toys, snacks and diapers available, but it never hurts to be prepared!


What a fun age!  These kids are active, curious and full of life.  

We have classes designed specifically for these energetic kids.  Not only do we offer classes on Sunday mornings (during Sunday School and the Worship Service)- we have classes during our mid-week Club program called Rainbows.  During these classes, kids will experience age appropriate activities to teach them about God, as well as having time to play.

For children who are potty training, please make sure to bring a change of clothes in case of accidents, and please inform the teacher they are potty training as well.

Kids for Christ

2nd - 4th Sunday of Each Month

Come and join us as we worship the Lord!  During our time together we dig into God’s Word, seeing what He has for us to learn.   We also share together a time of worshiping in song and prayer.  Prayer is an important part of a Christian’s life.  In Kids For Christ we learn to talk to our heavenly father, we praise Him for who He is, we tell Him how much we love Him, and ask Him to work in our lives and others.   It is also important for kids to learn that we must listen for God to speak to us, too!

Our time together is fun, filled with activities that always point back to Jesus Christ and who He is.  We may have hands on projects, skits, worksheets, and many other activities that help us to remember the lesson  we are learning from the Bible.

Good News Kids

Mission Focus Sunday

First Sunday of Each Month

Each Sunday we are together, we "travel" to a different country and learn about what God is doing in the lives of the people living there.   We pray together for any needs the people may have.  Not only do we learn a few words in their language, but we also get to taste some food as we talk about their cultures and customs.  

It is so exciting to see how God uses our "pennies, nickels, dimes and dollars" that we have saved all month in our Buddy barrels, to meet the needs of our 3 children we sponsor in Haiti.

It is so important for children to learn at a young age that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can make a difference in the life of boys and girls.  Good News Kids Sunday helps our children to understand that the world is in need of The Savior.

Misssionettes & Rangers

Thursday Evening Clubs

Thursday evening we have clubs for boys and girls of all ages. They are based on small group settings with activities for grades K-12.  The mission of the clubs is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ clearly so that each child is encouraged to make a personal decision to live his or her life for Christ.  Then they are discipled to grow in Him and reach out to others.

Children learn from Bible lessons, they memorize God’s Word, work together with hands-on projects, enjoy camp outs and teas, participate in discussion groups and many other exciting activities.   Come join us!