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From Vessel To Vessel

Experiences In The Sanctifying Processes Of God

Authored By:  Pastor Jerry Hunt

"Have you ever pondered the question; why did this happen to me?
Is there a reason that one has difficulties, hurts, rejections and sorrow in this life?
As you read this book, 'From Vessel to Vessel', you will find how one man coped with these issues and the lessons he learned from them."

"Pastor Jerry writes like he preaches; straightforward, insightful, encouraging and anointed...in a world of shallow Christianity, this message is desperately needed.  I was encouraged and blessed as I read and reflected upon my own life and ministry.  I'm certain you will be too...."

Pastor Duane Harney, Germantown, Ohio

"If you are seeking to make sense of and yield to the lifelong process the Lord uses to fashion us into a vessel of honor for His purposes, whether pastor or parishioner, you will benefit greatly from the lessons learned and shared by Pastor Jerry..."

Jeremiah Hartman, Dayton Ohio

"Ever had it cross your mind that maybe the Lord seems to have more pressing things to attend to than your current predicaments?  What you are about to read is a powerful account of one individual's journey.  A life's journey that reveals what the Lord can do when we allow Him free reign in our lives to remove those things in us which hinder His working through us..."

Jerry Bott. IT, Cleveland Ohio

"In Vessel to Vessel, Pastor Jerry holds the reader in absolute anticipation.  As you travel from page to page, he articulates to the reader just how faithful and great God is!  This book will bring encouragement to the discouraged, hope to the hopeless... You will be strengthened and renewed..."

Pastor Aaron Parks, Louisiana