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LifeLine Newsletter

A lifeline is thrown out to rescue someone that is floundering or possibly drowning.  It is used for rescue.  Our prayer is that this Newsletter will offer to you the lifeline of truth and hope.  May you be encouraged in your walk with the Lord, as you draw closer to Him through His Word.  As you grow in understanding, may the Holy Spirit set your feet firmly and securely on the Rock of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The Fundamentals: Divine Sustenance Part 2
August 11th, 2021
Let me say that we need to lie down in the Word! Chew on the Word! It is time to meditate on this powerful Word that will not return void. Let it become assimilated into your spiritual constitution as it feeds your spirit and renews your strength....
The Fundamentals: Divine Sustenance Part 1
August 5th, 2021
The Lord will make the Word of God available to speak truth into your heart - for it is His word that sustains you. It is His word that gives the Christian the nutrients that he/she needs to be a contented healthy Christian....
Fundamentals Of a Christian Life
May 19th, 2021
The sheep have a shortage only the Shepherd can supply. ...
Blessed Are They Which Are Persecuted
March 30th, 2021
Persecution is what happens because you have chosen to associate with the King of Kings....
Blessed Are The Peacemakers
February 16th, 2021
Without the purity of heart, all our attempts at world peace or any other peace will be futile....
Blessed Are The Pure In Heart
December 9th, 2020
One glimpse, one vision, one sighting of the God of glory (Jesus) will do wonders for you and me. It is that one beam of glory seen in the face of Jesus Christ that will send away that lust in your heart. It will push you in HIS direction. It will cause you to abandon the thing that is holding you back. And the closer you get to someone, the easier it is to see them. Get up, take a step towar...
Blessed Are The Merciful
October 20th, 2020
God the Father saw that you and I were hell-bound sinners and was so moved with compassion that He came down to earth to do something about it. Through Jesus we have experienced that mercy in our lives so we cannot and will not withhold that mercy from others!...
Blessed Are They Which Do Hunger and Thirst After Righteousness
September 8th, 2020
The hungry soul and the longing soul are the same! Hallelujah! Absolutely! Why? Because He satisfies the RUNNING soul. The serious soul. The hungry soul. The one who runs after Him!...
Blessed Are The Meek
August 5th, 2020
Meekness is an absence of the spirit or attitude of retaliation. It is a quality of the Christian that is generated by the Spirit of God. ...
Blessed Are They That Mourn
July 8th, 2020
We too must mourn over the same sinfulness in our own hearts. Blessed, (happy) are those who mourn. Look, let's face it, the world sees this statement as pure nonsense. Mourning is the one thing the world does not want to do. But the Bible says, Blessed are those who do! In fact, they are the only ones who ARE HAPPY! ...